Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow

For most of my life I couldn't really wear eyeshadow - my eye area is really sensitive and for the past couple of years it was acting crazy (so crazy that I have a lot of steroid based creams from my dermatologist) so I was trying to avoid everything that could irritate the skin around my eyes. Eyeliner was fine for most of the time, but eyeshadows were already too much. But then my skin calmed down and so I started experimenting - I was staying away from the cheapest, most frangranced products but I thought I would try the Color Tattoos that everyone was raving about so much. I did some research and decided to get two shades to start with - On and on Bronze and Permanent Taupe.

The first shade, On and on Bronze, is amazing and lets you create a pretty everyday look, even if you are a total beginner like me. It's a warm brown that at first kind of scared me - I wasn't used to having anything on my eyelids so this seemed quite dark and dramatic. But I learned not to use too much of it and to blend it out a lot. It's very shiny but not at all glittery. I apply it with my fingers and it seems to be working just fine, I haven't tried using brushes though.

Permanent Taupe looked like a brownish taupe in the jar but in fact it's more on the greyish side, with a hint of mauve. It's definitely more cool toned and less glittery (I would say it's almost matte) and I make sure I don't have too much of the product on my finger when I am applying it as well. Less is more with both of those shades in my opinion.

And the last shade that I own is Eternal Gold, which I got just last week. This one has the smoothest, almost whipped-like consistency, but it is also the most glittery and chunky out of the three at the same time. It's a yellowish golden color, with slightly cool undertones. I still like it a lot and I think I will use it loads in the summer, but if I had to choose just one shade it would definitely be On and on bronze.

They all crease on my eyelids, but everything I have tried so far does. I use a primer and the eyeshadow stays intact for the whole day. I really wish we could get some of the summer edition Color Tattoos here in Turkey, because they look amazing swatched on other blogs, let's wait and see!

And here are the quick swatches of the mentioned colors - from the top: Permanent Taupe, On and on Bronze and Eternal Gold:

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