Rimmel Cocktail Colour - 140 Hawaiian Punch

I have a problem. And about 150 bottles of nail polish. But of course when I see new, shiny colours I just have to get them and that was the case with this particular polish.

Rimmel polishes are relatively cheap in Turkey and (surprise!) they are much cheaper than in Poland so I own quite a lot of them. Most of them are really good - opaque, long lasting, colours are interesting and the formula is just the way I like it - not too watery and not too gloopy. So obviously when I saw the new collection called "Coctail Colour in a Flash" I knew I would have to get at least one of the new shades (lots of shimmer + a slight duo-chrome to all of them) and when I read that they're supposed to be opaque in one coat I got super excited - who doesn't love a good one-coater?

I got only one shade, Hawaiian Punch, and now I know that I won't be getting other colours. I am quite disappointed with that polish - it's definitely not a one-coater, it took me 3 coats to get decent opacity and I think I would need at least one more coat for full coverage. The colour looks very cheap to me, has no depth to it and no duo-chrome is visible on the nails. As you can see in the picture that I took with flash it has this blue shimmer to it, so very popular with hot pink polishes. I also tried to catch the golden shimmer in the first picture, it's much more obvious in the bottle than on the nails. I think I will still use, maybe on my toes, as it is a very optimistic, summery shade, but definitely not one of my favourites. The good thing is the fact that it stays on for a really long time - I didn't use a topcoat and it lasted for 4 days without chipping.

Have you tried any of the new Rimmel polishes? What do you think?


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