Rimmel Apocalips - Celestial, Aurora and Apocaliptic

I first saw these in April in Poland and I got super excited because I really wanted to try them after reading many great reviews, but the colour range was very disappointing and they were quite expensive. And then last week I met with my friend here in Istanbul and we decided to do some shopping. One of the drugstores (Watsons) had an offer for all Rimmel lip products, they were all 9,99TL each (around 5 euro) so I decided to take another look at Apocalips and I discovered they had some colours that I hadn't seen in Poland. I grabbed Celestial and a couple hours later I came back to get Aurora.

To me half of the charm of those lipglosses is the packaging. It's quite unique, modern and fits the name Apocalips nicely. The applicator's shape allows you to pick up just enough product to cover your lips (if you use both sides of it), the consistency is amazing and the opacity is great too. Both colours are glossy and last at least 4 hours on my lips, if I am careful I can drink a cup of tea and not worry about my lips, but anything more would have me reapply it.

Celestial is a pretty dusty pink with blue undertones. I really like the colour and I think it will be a good every day option for me as it's just a bit brighter and more intense than my lip colour.

Aurora is a bit brighter, slightly warm, muted red. I think this might be my red lip option for this spring and summer.

And then a couple of days later I went crazy and decided to get a colour that is even brighter than Aurora - Apocaliptic. It's a very pretty fuchsia that quickly became my favourite out of all three. I have never worn a colour like this on my lips, I was always afraid of such bright shades as I was convinced they don't suit me. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I am just getting braver, either way I love it.

My only complaint is the fact that all of these lipglosses kind of settle into the fine lines on my lips which is the look I don't really appreciate. I still haven't found a solution to that other than just rubbing my lips together once in a while, but I will probably try finding a lip liners that match those colours and hopefully using them first will help too.

Have you tried Apocalips? What are your favourite colour? I think I will have to go and get some more before the offer finishes ;)

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