My cleansers and how I use them

At some point, about two years ago, I had real problems with my skin - it was red, irritated and very sensitive, so I had to look for alternative ways to wash it. I discovered OCM and I fell in love with it, but when my skin got better I started looking for some drugstore products that I might use. Here are the four cleansers that I am currently using.

Let's start with my least favourite one - the white tub on the right is a product by a Polish brand AA. All of their products are meant to be used by people with sensitive skin, but this one is a "specialized care for very dry, atopic and hypersensitive skin". It is very gentle and yet it removes make-up very well. It's a white gel-cream and it "does not contain irritants, allergens, parabens, color additives or fragrance composition". It's all cool, but why is the second ingredient on the list mineral oil? I don't mind it in body butters, but I don't like it on my face, I think it clogged my pores quite a bit. Now i only use it with a face brush and I make sure nothing stays on my face. If your skin doesn't react to mineral oil - try it if you can. It definitely doesn't irritate my skin, it does remove make-up and it lathers up a tiny little bit. I got it from my friend recently, I probably wouldn't get it myself because of the mineral oil and I don't think I will ever buy it after having tried it. But it washes make-up brushes well!

I love LUSH and their products, so of course I have to have some of their face cleansers - Angels on Bare Skin and Herbalism..Actually I am running out of both of them, I probably have like a one use left out of each. I bought them at the same time, and since they have quite a short shelf-life (3 months) AND since I was stupid enough not to check their expiration dates when I was getting them (and I got them already one month after they were made, so I basically have to use two of them in two months) I was using them quite a bit recently. I like both of them. When I got my first tub of AoBS I also asked for a sample of Herbalism, because even though it sounded like something I would like I was quite worried about the smell - a lot of people seem to hate it, but I actually think it smells like Martini ;) Both of them are gentle scrubs and both of them contain kaolin and a lot of oils and extracts. If you want something stronger, something that I think provides a bit of a deeper cleanse - go for Herbalism. If you want something smoother or if your skin likes gentle scrubs - try Angels on Bare Skin. I have sensitive skin and neither of them irritated it. They don't remove make-up so I use them only in the morning. I will definitely repurchase both of them, I am just not sure if I want to have them both at the same time, because 3 months is definitely not enough to use it as it's supposed to be used (just a tiny amount of the paste with some water).

My last cleanser is Neutrogena One-step gentle cleanser. I found it on an offer in Rossmann, checked the ingredients list quickly and it seemed ok (I'm no expert of course) so I decided to give it a try. I quite like it! It removes make-up like a dream, doesn't try my face out, doesn't irritate it and lasts for ages. You need less than a pump to remove a full face of make-up. I like the smell, I like the bottle and I love the fact, that even waterproof cosmetics are easily removed by this cleanser. I will probably repurchase it again. Oh, and it washes brushes very well too!

So currently my morning cleansers are the LUSH ones and in the evenings I use AA or Neutrogena. Sometimes I will remove my eye make-up first with one of my micellar waters and then use the cleansers, sometimes I will just use oils (OCM). And if you have any cleansers that you would recommend - let me know!

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