My Eco Tools brushes

When I started getting into make-up I realized that I probably should own some brushes too. Up until then I would just use the brushes that ususally come with the products or just use my fingers. Not the best thing to do, right? Brushes can be expensive and I didn't want to spend much on them, so I started looking for the best quality and lowest prices. And (among others) I found Eco Tools.

The first brush I got was the Powder Brush. By that time I had already found a nice powder brush but I needed a brush for my bronzer, so I thought I would try the Eco Tools one for that. It's fluffy, extremely soft and works great for bronzers and powders (compact and loose ones). I have washed it a lot and it doesn't shed or lose its shape. 

When I was in Poland looking for my first foundation I also wanted to try some foundation brushes. I hear a lot about Real Techniques Buffing Brush, but since that one comes only in a set and I didn't really want all the other brushes I decided to try the Eco Tools version of a buffing brush. It had amazing reviews, wasn't expensive at all and I found without any problems in my drugstore. I love that brush so much! I use it to apply foundation or my tinted moisturizer and it works well with both. It's soft, washes well and keeps its shape just like the powder brush. 

The next brush I got was the Eye Shading Brush. And I don't like this one as much as the other ones. It's soft, has a nice shape and washes well like all the others, but somehow I feel like it doesn't transfer the eyeshadows to my lids well enough. I always feel like there is too much product left on the brush, I almost feel like the bristles are sticky, a bit rubbery. I was thinking that maybe it's my eyeshadow base's fault, but I'm not sure. I will obviously continue to use it but I am also on a hunt for a better eyeshadow brush.

I bought my last Eco Tools brush, the Airbrush Concealer brush recently and I noticed the company changed their design a bit. But the quality is still amazing - the bristles are super soft, they blend the concealer like a dream, much better than fingers, but everything that needs covering is covered. I use it for blending in the concealer (duh!) and then I apply some setting powder with the same brush and I love the finish it gives. It's small enough to work well under eyes, but its dome shape makes it perfect for covering blemishes and any other things that you want covered. I think this one is my favourite Eco Tools brush so far!

As I said the brushes are all cheap and the quality is great, but also the company's philosophy is great. I love that they use recycled materials and bamboo instead of plastic. The bristles are synthetic and totally cruelty free. So as you can see I love almost everything about those products and I know that soon I will probably get some more brushes by Eco Tools :)


  1. uwielbiam pędzle Ecotools <3

    1. ja też, mam ochotę kupić je WSZYSTKIE :D

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