My glorified trash - empties!

I've managed to use up quite a lot of stuff recently (a full big size bag from Lush!) so I thought I would share my thoughts on those products with you. I quite like empties blog posts and vlogs, I believe those are the most honest opinions and impressions. So here goes mine.

Probably half of the things I used up came from Rossmann. I don't really buy Turkish cosmetics - I think they are very much overpriced and the quality is definitely not worth the money. So when Rossmann opened their first shop in Istanbul I was extremely happy - I know a lot of their products, they are affordable and the quality is amazing.

Alterra is Rossmann's natural range, it includes hair care products, skincare, body care and a make up range. I try not to use any harsh detergents on my hair (namely SLS and SLES), I also avoid silicones, and this range doesn't contain them.

  •  Alterra Glanz Shampoo (with apricot and wheat) smells amazing, does the job well, as all Alterra shampoos it contains Sodium Coco Sulfate, so it's not the most gentle shampoo ever, but all those shampoos work well for me so I will keep on repurchasing them. 
  • Alterra conditioner with Aloe Vera and pomegranate - a decent product, the only Alterra conditioner available in Turkey as far as I know, it's quite thick, works very well, smells nice - enough for me!
  • Alterra hair mask with Aloe Vera and pomegranate - funny thing, it's less thick than the standard conditioner, the results are also similar to what the conditioner does, I buy it once every couple of months just to mix things up, since there are not many (affordable), silicone-free conditioners to choose from in Turkey
  • Alterra Papaya and Almond oil - I love all Alterra oils, I have tried all of them and I was never disappointed. This one smells extremely sweet and fruity, it works great on my hair, my face, my body, as a make up remover... 

  • Facelle intim - probably you can tell what it is supposed to be used for just from its name, but I also use it as a very mild shampoo or a delicate face gel. It's a very universal product, contains no nasty chemicals, can be used for pretty much anything. The consistency is a bit thick and I noticed that if I don't rinse it well it can cause some breakouts, but apart from that - a great product.
  • Alterra Dusch-Shampoo Parfumfrei - a shower gel and a shampoo in one, and yet another great product. Contains only 9 ingredients, it's extremely delicate, great as a very mild shampoo.
  • Isana Haarkur Intensiv-pflege - intensive hair mask by another Rossmann brand, Isana. No silicones, a lot of nourishing, hydrating ingredients, I usually use it as a normal conditioner and it works great for me. 

Two last products from Rossmann:
  • Isana Nail Polish Remover - my favourite one, I have never used a better nail polish remover. Works with any nail polish I have ever used, including glitters. Doesn't dry my cuticles or nails out, lasts for a long time, extremely cheap. 
  • Babydream Kopf bis Fuss Waschgel - another very universal product, this time from the baby products range. I use it pretty much for everything - washing my hair, face and body. No bad ingredients, no sulfates, no mineral oil, lasts for ages, smells like most baby products (but I don't mind it).

My only make up related empties:
  • Essence Studio Nails 24/7 Nail Base - quite a decent base coat, protects my nails from discoloration, but I don't think it makes the nail polish last longer. It dries to a matte finish. 
  • Essence Stay Natural Concealer in 03 Soft Nude - believe it or not, my first concealer! 03 is the lightest shade, so check the colour before you buy it, the numbers are not in correct order. It works well, doesn't give the best coverage, but it does make your skin look better. I used it both under eyes and for blemishes - it creases a bit under the eyes, I had to set it with a powder pretty quickly, it doesn't fully cover the blemishes. Overall I liked it, but I will try something different next time.
  • Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat - the best top coat I have tried so far. Dries up quite fast and really makes my polish last longer. The only problem for me is the packaging - the bottle is painted white, so you can't see how much of the product is left (hence the scratch on the side).

I don't usually have that many body scrubs, I got the first two from my friend when she was leaving Istanbul:
  • Farmona Sweet Secret Almond Body Wash Peeling (Sweet truffles and almonds) - wow, that smelled sweet, just like marzipan. Not gonna lie - not the best scrub I have ever tried, I felt like most of the beads just didn't stick to my skin, such a waste of product. Not the best results either, my skin didn't feel any different after using this scrub. I am glad I had a chance to try it, I liked the smell, but I will not buy it in the future.
  • Watsons Brightening Body Scrub (Strawberry Extract) - this one was a bit better, the beads were smaller and seemed to stick to my skin. The beads were really small though so the effect was quite subtle. It wasn't bad, but I don't think I will buy it either.
  • Ziaja peeling myjący gruboziarnisty (Coarse Body Wash Peeling) - now this is my favourite scrub, ever! I think I will have to write a separate post about this product, but just to quickly sum it up - the smell is extremely refreshing, the consistency is perfect - sticks well to the skin, contains a lot of coarse, irregular beads that leave your skin soft and very happy. It lasts for ages and it's super cheap. 

  • Tołpa micellar water - I wrote about it here if you want to know more about it. I like it, I will only repurchase it if I see it on an offer.
  • Dalin Baby Cologne - Floral - first of all the idea of putting this cologne over your baby's skin makes me cringe (it's mostly alcohol), but it seems Turkish babies don't mind it. I bought it for myself as a body mist for the summer, to have something to just throw in my bag and spray on my wrists when I get too hot. It smells nice (not floral at all), like Vichy Normablend skincare range. Lasted for like two years, I liked it.
  • Lush Ocean Salt sample - I read a lot of great reviews so when I was in Lush I asked for a sample. The smell is amazing - it smells like a cocktail. But I won't buy the full size version - I could taste the salt every time I used it (not the nicest experience), the effect was also not as good as I expected. If you consider getting it make sure there are no cuts or sensitive patches on your skin, since salt can irritate it even more.
  • Cettua Oil Control Tissues - I wrote about them in my summer essentials post, I like them, I will continue using them during the summer.
  • Vaseline Essential Moisture - I was looking for a nice, light body lotion for the summer so I got a small tube of Vaseline's lotion. It's ok, it sinks into the skin quickly, keeps it hydrated and soft, but I didn't quite like the smell of it. I have a lot of other body butters and lotions at the moment, so I probably won't get the full size of it.
Rzeczy z Rossmanna są Wam pewnie świetnie znane i nie ma sensu o nich zbyt dużo mówić ;) Zdecydowanym hitem tego denka jest mój ukochany peeling do ciała Ziai, jest cudowny, zawszę muszę mieć spory zapas, bo nie wyobrażam sobie nie mieć go w łazience. Największe rozczarowanie? Peeling z Lush'a Ocean Salt - biorąc pod uwagę cenę (w TR około 60zł za małe opakowanie) nie robi zbyt wiele z twarzą, a sól rozpuszcza się w wodzie i jakimś cudem za każdym razem kończyła w moich ustach, co zdecydowanie nie było czymś przyjemnym.


  1. miałam kilka z tych produktów. Alterrę bardzo lubię :) nie dziwię Ci się, że ucieszyłaś się na otwarcie Rossmanna :D

  2. szczerze mówiąc, ja mam skórę w odcieniu bardziej chłodnym niż ciepłym i Stellar mi pasuje. podkreśla biel zębów, więc raczej nie powiedziałabym, że ma pomarańczowe tony...

  3. na zdjęciach wyglądał bardziej pomarańczowo, dlatego wydawało mi się, że może ma cieplejsze tony ;) bardzo żałuję, że go nie ma w Turcji, chętnie bym pomacała i sprawdziła jak u mnie wygląda ;)